Very important !!! System requirements for Streamlabs software
Posted by Sergey Krivenkov on 01 October 2018 11:35 AM
  1. RAM

Quad-channel RAM architecture must be used on the server,
i.e. there have to be at least 4 memory modules of the same type and manufacturer placed in the blue slots of the motherboard
(the slots may be colored differently in some motherboards, for details see the motherboard manual)

It can be checked with CPU-Z

  1. Processor

This is the list of processors that support quad-channel architecture (you may not proceed if you have a different processor):

Intel Core:

    Intel Core i9-7980XE
    Intel Core i9-7900X
    Intel Core i7-7820X
    Intel Core i7-7800X
    Intel Core i7-6950X
    Intel Core i7-6900K
    Intel Core i7-6850K
    Intel Core i7-6800K
    Intel Core i7-5960X
    Intel Core i7-5930K
    Intel Core i7-5820K
    Intel Core i7-4960X
    Intel Core i7-4930K
    Intel Core i7-4820K
    Intel Core i7-3970X
    Intel Core i7-3960X
    Intel Core i7-3930K
    Intel Core i7-3820

Intel Xeon:

    Intel Xeon E5-x6xx v4
    Intel Xeon E7-x8xx v3
    Intel Xeon E5-x6xx v3
    Intel Xeon E7-x8xx v2
    Intel Xeon E5-x6xx v2
    Intel Xeon E7-x8xx
    Intel Xeon E5-x6xx

It can be checked with CPU-Z